Special events


Small School events

Wooroolin State School is part of the Kingaroy District Small Schools cluster. This includes Wooroolin, Crawford, Tingoora, Durong South, Coolabunia and Kumbia State Schools.
In an effort to maintain contact and create harmony between the schools and students, these small schools organise many regular events throughout the year. It is an opportunity for students in the small schools to make friends and work with others in a larger setting.


Summer and winter sports carnivals

Our main combined events are sports practices. For both the Summer and Winter Sports Carnivals, students from Wooroolin, Crawford, Tingoora and Coolabunia gather at Wooroolin State School to practice for these events. Students nominate the sports in which they’re interested and work in their teams with students across a number of schools. Practices are held on the two preceding Fridays to the Carnival itself. Summer and Winter Carnivals combine the small schools with larger schools in our district and beyond and give students an opportunity to participate together. At these events our students wear the uniform of Small Schools and represent this alliance in competition.

Sports carnival

Athletics carnival

Wooroolin, Coolabunia, Crawford, Tingoora and Durong South come together once a year to have their Small School’s Athletics Carnival. This is generally held early in Term 3. All students participate: Senior students compete in the full range of events whist the Juniors compete in a number of track events and Tabloids. All students also participate in Ball Games at the closing of the Carnival. Successful athletes are then chosen to represent the Small Schools at District Level. Again, those students will wear the Small Schools team shirts rather than their respective school shirts.

Swimming carnival

Each year in the latter part of Term 4, our Small Schools (with the exception of Kumbia State School) have a Swimming Carnival at the Kingaroy Pool. All students are invited to participate. There is a wide range of events and all ages are catered for. Successful students are nominated to represent the Small Schools at the District level and compete in Term 1 the following year.

Activity days

Once a year Wooroolin, Crawford and Tingoora State Schools have a combined Activity Day. This Day often focuses on a curriculum Theme. Wooroolin hosted these events in 2010 and 2011. In 2010 our Theme was A Healthy, Happening Day. On this day students engaged in a range of activities focussing on health and fitness. In 2011 we held a NAIDOC Celebration Day.

Camps and excursions

From time to time, our schools combine for camps or excursions. Each year our small schools Year 7s come together for leadership campIn 2009, our small schools combined for a 3-day city camp in Brisbane. As we work across schools in our curriculum, our schools often combine in excursions.

Persuasive speech competition

Each year, students in Years 6 and 7 from our small schools are invited to participate in the Small Schools Persuasive Speech Competition. This Competition provides a formal forum in which to practice public speaking. Students may choose their own topic, and must develop and deliver their speech to a specific set of criteria. The speeches are adjudicated by external adjudicators—in past years Councillor Damien Tessman, a former student of Coolabunia State School, and Senior Teacher Vicki Matthew, teacher-librarian at Nanango State School have been our adjudicators. The top two students then go on to the QASSP District Persuasive Speech Competition, a prestigious event in our area. Wooroolin holds this competition and its preparation in high regard. As well as preparing students for public speaking in general, the process also allows practice for oral speaking in high school.

Small Schools early years

Each of our small schools is represented in the Early Years by an Early Years teacher at regular planning and curriculum meetings. Planning days are held once a term so that cross-schools planning can occur. This allows for some consistency of practice across a number of schools. Termly curriculum meetings also occur in the middle of each term to allow for professional conversations and moderation of student work.

Last reviewed 20 August 2019
Last updated 20 August 2019