Student leadership


​At Wooroolin State School we acknowledge that all students are potential leaders and role models. In order to develop these skills we offer a variety of opportunities both formal and informal for students to engage in.

Formal leadership opportunities


Each year our most senior students apply for leadership roles and promote themselves for this role through a competitive system. Potential leaders complete a leadership application in the form of a leadership booklet. This comprehensive form outlines their interests, skills and capabilities. It is then signed off by a parent and separately by a teacher at the school. In this document the aspiring leader must outline the speech they will deliver on the Leadership Speech Day. Leaders give their speech to the whole school who then vote to elect their representatives.

Leaders are supported by a committee of senior students. All senior students must belong to one committee and must attend at least one fortnightly meeting called by their student leader. Committees report back to Student Council and may present motions to Student Council for discussion. Leaders are supported by a teacher mentor. Our Leadership team are offered the opportunity to travel with other leaders in our district to the annual Young Leaders’ Day at the Brisbane Convention Centre. Young Leader’s Day is a day where students can hear a variety of motivational speakers from sport, politics, the Arts and beyond.

A number of roles are on offer: Student Leader, Vice Leader, Fun & Fundraising, Health & Fitness, Media and Environment and Gardens. These positions are briefly described below.

Student Leader 

The Student Leader is the spokesperson for the student body. They lead all Student Council meetings and work with all Leaders and their teams. When guests visit the school or we have an excursion, the Student Leader is responsible for saying a Welcome and Thank You.

Vice Leader 

The Vice Leader’s role is to support the Student Leader in their responsibilities. They act as Treasurer and Secretary at Student Council meetings and support other Leaders and their teams.

Fun and fundraising

This Leader promotes and organises events throughout the school calendar. They raise money for the Student Council as well as outside organisations. Through events organised by the Fun and Fundraising committee, the students have supported RSPCA Cupcake Day, Hearts for Kids Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and have donated to the Bushfire Appeal of 2010. They have also supported school events such as our excursion to Walking with Dinosaurs. They also financially support curriculum purchases such as Mathletics.

Health and fitness 

The Health & Fitness leader together with the committee, manage the sports shed and maintain equipment. They organise Smart Moves and lunchtime activities for all students. This includes practice for Winter and Summer Carnivals and Athletics Carnival. They promote healthy eating throughout the school. This committee has supported Nude Food Day (no-plastic lunches) and the Nanny McPhee Healthy Lunch promotion.


The role of the Media leader and committee is to publicise student events. This often includes preparing posters and invitations to events. The Media committee also makes suggestions for our school newsletter. A recent innovation has been the inclusion of poetry in the Kids Corner of our newsletter.

Environment and gardens 

This committee’s main role is to assist in maintaining the school gardens. This can include weeding, laying mulch, harvesting from the kitchen garden and orchard or raking leaves around our eating area. This committee is also responsible for emptying and reminding others of our mulch bucket. They promote the use of bins for rubbish.

Year 7 leadership opportunities

As the Senior Year in our school, Year 7s are offered the opportunity to attend Leadership Camp at Barambah EEC at the beginning of each year. These students attend with Year 7s across the South Burnett Alliance small schools. They are involved in team building and self-awareness sessions across the 3-day camp. To build team spirit, students participate in an extended day walk through the Barambah bushland.

Informal leadership

Students are encouraged to fulfil their own desire for leadership in simple ways around the school. Seniors help juniors, juniors help Preps and established students assist new students to the school. Students in the middle years may aspire for leadership when they reach Year 6 and 7 and these students are regularly encouraged to be role models for others.

Our school uses the Virtues Project to promote a strong values culture. Valu​es are shared fortnightly on Parade and are modelled throughout the school. Students overtly displaying Values are rewarded with a Caught Being Good ticket and may receive a prize for their efforts.

In addition, we teach and model leadership behaviour at each Parade as a form of positive behaviour support and capability-building.

Our students recognise the importance of our chant Sensible people, doing sensible things and are reminded of our school motto and its components regularly.

Student Council

Wooroolin State School has an active Student Council where student representatives may promote their Student Voice. Student representatives (Student Leaders) are elected democratically in ways that model wider Australian democratic processes. The role of Student Council is to promote the wider views and interests of Students within the school and to offer opportunity for Students to become actively involved in leadership at our school and in the wider community.

Student Council at Wooroolin State School meets once a fortnight. The meetings are led by the Student Leader and assisted by the Vice Leader. The Vice Leader also takes the responsibility of Secretary and Treasurer. The Principal acts as facilitator. Student Leaders (Fun & Fundraising, Environment and Gardens, Health & Fitness and Media) deliver their fortnightly report to Council and have the opportunity to put forward any motions for discussion and voting. Any member may add topics of interest to the current agenda for discussion in general business.

Students are active in promoting change around the school and in the curriculum. These changes have in the past generated the inclusion of parents and the community in Arts and Crafts sessions; dress-up days; involvement in a variety of fundraising ventures, notably the RSPCA Cupcake Day and Heart for Kids; and the financing of leadership and curriculum pursuits such as the Young Leaders’ Conference and Mathletics. In smaller, practical ways, Student Council provides assistance to our school community by maintaining gardens and promoting healthy eating and fitness.

Last reviewed 20 January 2022
Last updated 20 January 2022